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Current Music:The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out
Time:09:30 pm
Current Mood:surprisedjust eaten some chocolate
yo yo yo
I am back to the world of Livejournal I never thought I'd write in here again in fact not even sure if I'll publish this post but obviously if you're reading it whoever you are then I have...
I guess that's what English essays do to you
They make you do other things, anything to escape having to write about Cathy and Heathcliff and choice and constraint, even though it's a wonderful book, I love it, mwah mwah mwah...
I'm not in year 11 any more
I'm in year 13
I have a different hair style, well I did for a while
I also have some new shoes since last time I wrote in here
I didn't do German for A Level, I did DT instead, woo hoo DT is the best...
I have the same name as before
But I don;t like the darkness any more altough it says so on my interests list, in fact I don;t know if I ever really did I just didn;t know any bands really
I have a bass but I never practise it (I am rubbish)
Still melodramatic and antisocial
AAAAAAAAA IT's International Mo Day, we haven't celebrated, oh no got to go and celebrate with beloved sis named Rachelangel...
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Current Music:Razorlight - Golden Touch
Subject:Zowie Bowie
Time:05:48 pm
Current Mood:relaxedrelaxed

I'm updating... and there's nowt to say. "I never did nowt!" said my dear friend Billy Elliot. Oh how I love that film! There actually is stuff to say, but it's just not very interesting. Hmmm...

My GCSEs are OVER!!! And now I just don't know what to do with myself. I should be doing creative things, but somehow the time just slips away and I spend about an hour writing an email or just listening to the radio. I suppose that's just the way of horizontal life. Never again do I have to wear school uniform. And I am on holiday!! Only it doesn't feel like it. 'Tis a cold day today. It's also raining.

And I also have to go and cook some food. England are playing tonight. Something that annoys me : drunken England football fans. And English football songs.

Toodle pip!
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Current Music:Scissor Sisters - Comfortably Numb (a Pink Floyd cover)
Subject:Another disturbing dream!
Time:11:20 am
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
I had a dream that Chessie had got a scar under her mouth in year 9, and that Chessie, her mum and the doctor had all decided that the scar would be less noticeable if she got a tattoo over it. So Chessie had a tattoo under her mouth that said "ABBA" in silver Abba-ish writing.

That was all I think.

Happy Easter for yesterday!!
It's Easter Monday today, and the low growl of London is all around me. Oh, the magic of sinister metaphors from "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". This does not mean I have been revising, by the way.
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Current Music:The Darkness - Love is only a feeling
Time:03:39 pm
Current Mood:sillysilly
Sorry for the weirdness of the last entry. It was just me and Rachel being hysterical and strange and weird. At the moment we are sitting in a very small room in London and Rachel is trying to work out the meaning of the word "one-upmanship" while I am updating my LJ. Now she is about to write a golf story.

We saw "Starsky and Hutch" again on Wednesday, which is a magical film full of love and colour symbolism. Lots of people went. I also saw Chessie for the first time in 2 weeks! Freya gave me and Rachel our birthday/Christmas present = Billy Joel - The Ultimate Collection! Yay! Oh, the wonders of Billy Joel! BillJoel is such a cool guy who likes to sing "who-oh-oh". And Susie, if you're reading this (did I ever tell you I had an LJ? sorry if i didn't), you should start listening to Billy Joel before your history exam. It's very Cold War-esque.

Yesterday I went into town with Rachel and bought the Scissor Sisters album! We started listening to it last night and it's really good. Jake Shears has a cute falsetto voice, and some of the songs are kind of Beatly. Some of them are also meaty.

Today we went to Camden Market. I nearly bought a Placebo T-shirt for Ange, it was only £2 or something but I decided against it. I was very tempted by an Orlando Bloom poster, but NO. Camden Market is such a cool place. It's where we went.

We have recently made some pancakes, nearly scarring Rachel for life with some hot oil in the process. Not cool, not cool. *shutting up now*

I'm supposed to be revising, aren't I?
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Current Music:KC and the Sunshine band - That's the way I like it
Time:03:30 pm
Current Mood:ecstatic70s/disco-y

Good afternoon. This is Claire and Rachel, reporting from London. The sky is blue, the clouds are white, the dragons are cavorting.

'D'you think dragons ever-'
'-do it?'

Good night.
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Current Music:Lovely Rita, meter maid, nothing can come between us!
Time:10:15 am
Current Mood:highBeatley!

As you can probably tell, I am in a Beatly mood. All weekend, me and Rachel have been refuelling our Beatly obsessions, listening to "Sgt Pepper's one and only lonely hearts' club band" for the first time in about a year, and the second CD of the White Album, and our John Lennon CD! We also did a Beatles jigsaw puzzle and read our Beatles special edition of NME. Uargh. I keep spelling "Beatles" really strangely. And I have been reminiscing about the days of year 9, when I was such a Beatles-obsessed solitary person. Oh, they are so so so my favourite Liverpud beat-group.

Hmmm... what else has happened this weekend?

Starsky and Hutch was seen again! Me and Rachel were squeeing all the way through. Sorry if I have used the word "squee" improperly.

My mother is in Scotland.

The Royal High School golf squad (me, Rahcel, Loenie and Spohie) went to train on Sunday, where we learned to deal with problem shots and downhill chips. We overcame our problems by hitting the ball at four o' clock and shouting "GOLF" while doing so. We also toned our muscles for golf which was very rewarding.

And Chesson is ill. CHESSIE!!! Chessie must get well soon. She went to hospital on Friday to have her tonsils taken out, and she was apparently on morphine and having hallucinations. My poor poor Chesson. While she was being ill, we went to Stratford on Avon to see Romeo and Juliet at the theatre. Unfortunately we had to put up with the bus driver's fetish for Abba music, which brought back memories of murder plays, really bad dances and strange songs. But it got annoying after a while, and me and Jessica spent a long time complaining about the evil screeches of the evil immature year 10s.

I keep getting flashbacks to the Art exam. It was bad.
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Current Music:Lots of REM songs
Subject:Let's go to San Francisco...
Time:01:21 pm
Current Mood:artisticart exam - esque
I am covered in paint. As usual. The art exam started out badly and people's mad cries of "Help! I'm so nervous" weren't exactly stress-relieving. And everyone got to school at about 8am, even though we couldn't start until 9! Scary.
I have been painting to the sounds of the REM album that Ange gave me, and the 60s CD, which features songs such as Let's go to San Francisco and the disturbing elfy Loénie song. It's very psychedelic.
The talent show is happening at the moment. Poor, poor people who have subjected themselves to such torture. I keep having flashbacks to the Hey Mickey dance, which was the most mentally scarring experience of Susie's young happy life.
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Current Music:Maroon 5 - This Love
Subject:An entry about Starsky, Hutch, BillJoel, NYT and Freakish Dreams
Time:10:13 am
Current Mood:distresseddistressed
I had a strange weekend. On Saturday I had to buy a piece of MDF for my art exam so I was dragged against my will around lots of bathroom shops in a really random street in Bath. The bathrooms were very pretty but after a while they all looked the same. In the end I bought the MDF at homebase. A Homebase guy cut it on a really cool saw. Later on I phoned some of my friends, but unfortunately they couldn't come to the cinema because Susie had to eat chicken korma, Freya had to sleep, phone Chris and have no money and I couldn't get through to Chessie. So I lay on my bed for a while, contemplating life and writing words in my real diary, and then after a very nice meal I went with my dear sister Rachel to see Starsky and Hutch. It was a beautiful story of romance! Everyone must see the film and feel the love! (The love is quite quite gay).

On Sunday we forgot it was Mothers' Day until about lunch time, when our parents were out at the supermarket. So me and Rachel made some cheese scones and chee - balls (Rachel's idea) to the sounds of Billy Joel singing "Who-oh-oh!" (In case you have never heard a Billy Joel song, he sings that all the time). The scone-making took us from "Just the way you are" to "New York State of mind" on the Billy Joel tape. The scones tasted of the true essence of Billy Joel songs.

I always have disturbing dreams these days and it really unnerves me. Here are some weird things I have dreamed about recently:

-Being at Steffi's party in Germany and hiding in the toilets because there was this evil guy and in the dream I had an abusive father.
-Being a Jewish German refugee in the second world war with lots of bombs going off around me
-Freya and Jess in the Art room, Freya making a plaster cast of her whole body to send to Chris
-My mum writing a job reference for a murderous tramp
-Having to re-enact the year 6 school play

There are many more but the hour of maths is approaching and I must soon leave.

Wait, I forgot to say the weirdest thing!

We (me and sister) have NYT auditions! We sent our letters ages ago and we thought we'd missed the deadline, but NO NO NO!! We have to go to some weird place in Bristol!! Terrifying!!
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Current Music:Will Young - Your Game
Subject:Polit. spec.
Time:10:19 am
Current Mood:mellowmellow
Long live the school "Political Speculation Society"! We are a group of committed political freaks who meet in the library every Thursday and look at books about homosexuality. It is also a useful tool to get rid of people who invite themselves to our house and look through Rachel's wardrobe and go round madly plucking people's eyebrows.

I have got my A level choices back. Strangely I got all the subjects I wanted, and I fear this is quite stupid seeing as they are all the subjects that I spend all my time getting stressed over. They are:
Unfortunately I have to get through the evils of GCSEs first.

Happy Fraserday, everyone!
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Current Music:The musical sounds of typing and mouse-clicking
Subject:Johnny Depp-hunting... or not
Time:10:14 am
Current Mood:awakeawake
Johnny Depp was in Bath last week! On Saturday we (me, Chessie, Rach (not RachEL any more), Susie and Stewe) went into town to try to stalk him. But alas, no Johnny was seen. Instead of trying to get into the Royal Crescent Hotel like my sister did, we went to pizza hut (which is, I'm sure, his favourite place to hang out) and ate enough pizza for about 10 people between us. I felt very bloated and greasy and pizza-y afterwards. But it was still fun.

I have had lots of disturbing dreams lately, which I have strangely remembered. Last week I had a dream that I was alone in my house with a murderous tramp, and that I went back to my school in France and the guy I used to like in year 7 (who was called Gideon) had fallen into the ground in a school earthquake. Lots of people were making speeches about him, including a random girl who one day ran around the school grounds screaming to everyone that Gideon's brother had stolen her bra.

I don't hate Newquay, I'm actually looking forward to it now. It should be fun, as long as people don't start warring again.

Strange and random thought for the day:
The sky is blue, the sun is shining. Let your troubles wash over you as if you were a pebble in a stream.
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